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Types of courts

FY2022 Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies and Census of Tribal Court Systems

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This program seeks to conduct the 2024 Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies (CTLEA-24) and 2024 Census of Tribal Court Systems (CTCS-24). The CTLEA-24 collects data on tribal law enforcement agencies, including jurisdiction, staffing, budget, calls for service and arrests, agency functions, and officer training and duties. The CTCS-24 collects data on tribal courts, including jurisdiction, staffing, budget, types of courts and caseloads, prosecutors and...

Census of Problem-Solving Courts (CPSC)

The 2012 Census of Problem-Solving Courts (CPSC) involved the collection of data from all active problem-solving courts. In order to be considered a problem-solving court, it must have (1) operated within the judiciary, (2) operated under the direction of a judicial officer, (3) been active in the reference year, and (4) used therapeutic services to reduce recidivism. A variety of data elements were collected in...