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National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD)

BJS stores the full data sets, surveys, and codebooks for most of their data collections at the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD) as soon as the data have been finalized. These raw or ‘micro’ data are what analysts use to generate the summary data tables found within BJS reports, statistical tables, and data tools. The archived data allow researchers to conduct secondary analysis of BJS data.

Standard Application Process Portal

The standard application process portal, ResearchDataGov, serves as a clearinghouse for visitors to browse a web-based catalog of protected datasets, submit an application for access to data from one or more agencies, and track application status.

BJS Data available at US Census Bureau

BJS data is available at the Census Bureau includes person and household based data, the frequency of data collection, the unit of enumeration, and the years of data available. Access to these data will only be granted to qualified researchers on approved projects with authorization to use specific data sets. All researcher access to restricted–use data occurs at one of the secure Federal Statistical Research Data Centers.

Publication data tables

The data tables found in BJS publications can be accessed in .csv format by clicking on the "data tables" links on the right side of our publication detail pages.

Data tools and dashboards

BJS data tools and dashboards allow users to visualize trend data and download custom data sets. These tools group data by geography (federal, state, and local data) and demographic characteristics of various populations (e.g., victims, prisoners, arrestees, or offenders).  

Searching for BJS data on partner sites

BJS data are listed in multiple online catalogs hosted by our federal government partners and the NACJD:

Date Created: May 11, 2021