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Examining the Work of State Courts, 2001: A National Perspective From the Court Statistics Project

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January 2001
This report presents an examination of the work handled by the Nation's State courts.

Addressing the changing nature of trial work performed by the Nation's State courts, in 2001, this two part report is derived from the National Court Statistics Project (NCSP). After presenting an overview of statistics on State trial court caseloads, the report details the civil, tort and contract, domestic relations, juvenile, criminal, and felony caseloads in State trial courts through a series of statistics, charts, graphs, and tables. Summarizing the number and types of State court appellate case filings completes the first part of this report on the details of State trial court cases. The second part of this report addresses the role of juries in State courts. Presenting details concerning the make-up of civil and criminal juries, the report lists jury duty experiences by State and discusses reforming the structure of the juries. The index presented in this report comprises a comprehensive listing of the 50 States and where each State's statistics are included in each of the report's earlier sections. The index also provides the methodology used in compiling this report and discusses the NCSP itself.

Date Published: January 1, 2001