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State Court Caseload Statistics, 1995: Supplement to Examining the Work of State Courts, 1995

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January 1996
This report presents baseline information on State court structure, jurisdiction, reporting practices, numbers of judges and justices, caseload volume in 1995, and trends since 1986.

An introduction provides an overview of the uses, ingredients, and interpretations of State court caseload statistics. It explains the five types of information required for efficient caseload statistics: (1) counts of pending, filed, and disposed cases; (2) the method by which the count is taken; (3) the composition of the counting categories; (4) court structure and jurisdiction to decide cases; and (5) statistical adjustments that enhance the comparability and usefulness of case counts. Charts present the structure of the appellate courts and trial courts in each State. Tables present statistics on national caseloads for State appellate courts, mandatory cases, discretionary petitions, processing measures for discretionary petitions, reported opinions, civil and criminal caseloads, juvenile caseloads, felony caseloads, and tort caseloads. Figures and tables

Date Published: January 1, 1996