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National Conference on Improving the Quality of Criminal History Records: Proceedings of a BJS/SEARCH Conference

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January 1992
This report on the proceedings of the National Conference on Improving the Quality of Criminal History Records (1991) focuses on issues involved in improving the data quality of criminal history records at the Federal and State levels.

The presentations address the wide-ranging use and importance of criminal history record information. They also identify the successes and deficiencies in the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of existing criminal history record information systems. A number of presentations describe the impressive efforts presently underway to improve the quality of criminal history record information at both the Federal and State levels. Papers also discuss the nature of emerging developments that are propelling the Nation toward the successful completion of a high-quality, national criminal history record information system. Foremost among these developments are the expanded number of users and the efforts that require accurate, complete, and timely criminal history information. Suggestions for future directions include a better definition of the Federal role in the completion of a high-quality national record system and greater efforts by the States to develop and define data-quality strategies.

Date Published: January 20, 1992