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Survey of Criminal History Information Systems

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March 1991
This survey represents a comprehensive review of the nation's criminal history system and establishes a baseline against which future advances can be measured.

All 50 states and the district of Columbia participated in the survey. Results indicate that: (1) 47 states and the District of Columbia have automated some records in either the criminal history record file or the master name index; (2) 44 states have master name indexes which contain names of all record subjects in the criminal history file; and (3) 13 states currently flag some or all felony convictions in their criminal history databases. Over 45.6 million subjects (individual offenders) were in the criminal history files of the State criminal history repositories on December 31, 1989. Over 3.5 million final dispositions were reported in 1989 to the 34 State criminal history repositories providing data in response to this question. The responding States represent 72 percent of the nation's population. Thirty-eight States and the District of Columbia utilize methods for linking disposition information and arrest/charge information which also permits the linking of dispositions to particular and/or specific counts. 22 tables

Date Published: March 1, 1991