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Summary of Family Violence Arrest Incidents in Connecticut, 1987-1997

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September 1988
This report contains statistics on family violence arrests_x000D_ in Connecticut during the years 1987 through 1997.

Connecticut¿s Family Violence Prevention and Response Act of 1986 made arrest mandatory for family violence cases and created the Family Violence Reporting Program. In addition to case identification data and basic demographic data on the offender(s) and victim(s), the report includes victim-offender relationship, presence or involvement of children, town of offense, date and time of offense, most serious offense committed, use of a weapon, extent of injury, existence of a prior court order, involvement of liquor or drugs, definitions, and a copy of the data collection form. During the period under review, there was a 4 percent decline in the overall number of family violence incidents involving an arrest; assault decreased 19 percent, homicide increased 29 percent, sexual assault increased 27 percent, and risk of injury to a minor increased 137 percent. Figures

Date Published: September 1, 1988