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National Crime Surveys - Victim Risk Supplement, 1983

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December 1986
The manual presents an overall study description, data collection procedures, sampling and weighting information, file structure, codebook information, processing information, the variable description list, and the codebook for the 1983 Victim Risk Supplement of the National Crime Surveys.

This supplement was a one-time survey administered in conjunction with the larger National Crime Surveys: National Sample during February 1984. The survey obtained data on respondents' lifestyles to determine whether certain lifestyles are related to crime victimization. Five questionnaires were used in the survey. The national sample consisted of approximately 72,000 sample housing units selected in a stratified multistage cluster sample from the 1,931 primary sampling units within counties or groups of counties. The data file is in a hierarchical format which corresponds to variations in household composition and in occurrence of victimization incidents. Data were processed according to the standard procedures of the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research. Appendixes contain the industry code and occupational code classifications.

Date Published: December 1, 1986