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National Crime Surveys: National Sample, 1979-1985 (Revised Questionnaire)

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Date Published
March 1987
This codebook documents variables in the archived dataset for the National Crime Surveys national sample, 1979-85.

The National Crime Survey collects data on personal and household victimization through an ongoing national survey of residential addresses. The introduction to this codebook provides information on data collection, sampling, the file structure, weighting, codebook entries, and data processing. Following the presentation of the variable description list, the codebook variable information is provided. Variable and reference numbers are provided for each entry, and the abbreviated variable label used in the OSIRIS system is shown. Entries show the designation of missing data and indicate the sequential location and width of each variable when the data are stored on a magnetic tape. The wording of the variable question in the original questionnaire is supplied, and the code values occurring in the data for each variable are indicated. The appendixes contain 1980 and 1970 industrial and occupational classification codes, a glossary, scoring information, the questionnaire and control card, census sample information, and the National Crime Survey rotation chart.

Date Published: March 1, 1987