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Incident-Based Crime Analysis Manual: Utilizing Local-Level Incident Reports for Solving Crimes, December 1999

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December 1999
This manual provides guidance on analyzing high volume crime at a local level.

Using a single fictional scenario over time, the report provided guidance on conducting all stages of the crime analysis process, from initial community problem identification to final response assessment and evaluation, using basic incident reports and data elements. The manual was divided into five sections: (1) initial examination of aggregate statistics for pattern identification; (2) statistical time, date, and location prediction from incident-level crime data; (3) various reporting techniques that can be used in law enforcement responses; (4) statistical methods for performing evaluations of the law enforcement responses; and (5) a comprehensive crime analysis bibliography and appendix with forms that can be duplicated. The manual sought to counter the misconception within law enforcement agencies that crime analysts were merely data entry clerks, computer technicians, or the people who could make "pretty" charts. It was intended to transform the novice crime analyst with a general background in research and statistics into an expert capable of performing advanced analyses in difficult circumstances. Tables, figures, bibliography, appendix, glossary

Date Published: December 12, 1999