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Correctional Data Analysis Systems - Correctional Datagraphics - A Directory of Correctional Statistical Reports

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Date Published
January 1981
This directory of 163 prototypes of correctional statistical reports covers 15 different areas of administrative concern. It is designed for use by administrators, statisticians, and data processors to clarify input requirements for managerial reports and to resolve output format issues.

The directory can be used by system designers to identify the output requirements of a correctional information system. The data categories include demographic information; security and control; institutional programs, services, and environment; and health care. Additional areas encompass administrative status; information on inmate location, movement, sentences, and prior offenses; parole and litigation; and inmate work assignments. A key word index lists (in alphabetical order) each data element used in each of the 163 exhibits. A format index indicates the location of 10 types of statistical outputs: area chart, bar chart, flow chart, line graph, map, pictorial chart, pie chart, semilogarithmic chart, surface chart, and statistical table. A technical appendix discusses the usefulness of graphic techniques and procedures for constructing various types of graphs and charts and presents numerous examples. About 140 references are supplied. (Author abstract modified)

Date Published: January 1, 1981