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Geoarchive Handbook: A Guide for Developing a Geographic Database as an Information Foundation for Community Policing

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August 1994
This is a guide for developing a geographic database as an information foundation for community policing.

This report outlines issues and problems inherent in managing disparate geographical databases for use in crime analysis and law enforcement decisionmaking. It also presents some strategies to resolve those problems. Specifically, this is a guide to the issues that face the developer and manager of a GeoArchive. A GeoArchive is a geographic information system containing address-based, neighborhood-level information, and both community and law enforcement data; it is easily accessible to local decisionmakers on a timely basis. A GeoArchive database supports mapped analysis of neighborhood and crime data; it is a repository of community and law enforcement data, organized for use in crime analysis and problem solving. When combined with a community problem-oriented policing program, a GeoArchive can become an information foundation for community policing. This report describes data for crime analysis, community data, elements of data verification and possible problem areas, and data management procedures. Notes, maps, appendixes, bibliography, glossary, index

Date Published: August 1, 1994