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Attorney General's Program for Improving the Nation's Criminal History Records: Bureau of Justice Statistics Implementation Status Report

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February 1992
A 3-year Federal program begun in 1990 has funded and provided technical assistance to State efforts to improve the completeness and quality of criminal history records to help stop firearms sales to felons.

The Criminal History Record Improvement (CHRI) grant program aids State efforts in accurately identifying convicted felony offenders, improving the reporting of arrests and dispositions to State criminal history records at the State level, meeting the voluntary reporting standards of the Bureau of Justice Statistics and FBI, and making felony conviction information readily available to appropriate Federal and State requesting agencies. Recent accomplishments include the publication of the recommended voluntary standards, a major study of current criminal history information systems in all 50 States and the District of Columbia, a guide for planning and conducting audits of criminal history record systems, and a guide for improving records. Other activities have included a national conference on improving data quality, the initiation of an evaluation of the program, and continuation of justice information policy assistance. Map, summaries of grants to each State, chart, and list of 20 documents related to the CHRI program

Date Published: February 1, 1992