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Drugs And Crime Facts


This site summarizes U.S. statistics about drug-related crimes, law enforcement, courts, and corrections from Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) and non-BJS sources (See Drug data produced by BJS below). It updates the information published in Drugs and Crime Facts, 1994, (NCJ 154043) and will be revised as new information becomes available. The data provide policymakers, criminal justice practitioners, researchers, and the general public with online access to understandable information on various drug law violations and drug-related law enforcement.


Drug use and crime

Drug law violations
      Enforcement (arrests, seizures, and operations)
      Pretrial release, prosecution, and adjudication 
      Correctional populations and facilities

Drug treatment under correctional supervision

Drug control budget

Drug use (by youth and the general population)

Public opinion about drugs


To ease printing, a consolidated version in Adobe Acrobat format (669 KB) of all of the web pages in Drugs & Crime Facts is available for downloading.

Drug data produced by BJS

Most of the information presented here is collected from BJS reports and from other statistical agencies.

The primary sources of information include—

Date Created: June 1, 2021