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Justice Expenditure and Employment Extracts Series

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Shelby Kottke-Weaver, PhD, BJS Statistician
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1980 - present


Every year since 1980, BJS has extracted justice expenditure and employment data from the Census Bureau's Annual Government Finance Survey and Annual Survey of Public Employment. BJS publishes these data in the Justice Expenditure and Employment Extracts series, which presents estimates of government expenditures and employment for the following justice categories: police protection, all judicial and legal functions (including prosecution, courts, and public defense), and corrections. This series includes data for national, federal, state, and large local governments (counties with populations of 500,000 or more and cities with populations of 300,000 or more). The unit of analysis in the Justice Expenditure and Employment Extracts series is the government. For example, the corrections employment reported for any particular state represents the total of all correctional personnel employed by that state, regardless of which prison, probation office, or other corrections agency employs them.

Date Created: May 26, 2009