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Tribal Crime

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To improve the availability of data on crime in Indian country, BJS creates data tables containing information reported by tribal law enforcement agencies to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program and published in the annual Crime in United States (CIUS) publication. The tables include crime data for agencies that reported 12 complete months of data for the year, submitted by tribal law enforcement agencies and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. These tables do not include data reported by state and local law enforcement agencies about crimes that occurred on tribal lands.

From year to year, the number of tribal law enforcement agencies with data in CIUS may vary, depending on whether they met the FBI's standard for reporting. As a result, the data contained in these tables should not be used to characterize trends in reported crime known to tribal law enforcement agencies. These tables contain the summary counts of violent and property crimes reported to tribal law enforcement agencies, by state and year. Users should be aware that these crimes are a subset of all the crimes known to, and handled by, tribal law enforcement agencies.

The data tables are based on "Table 11: Offenses Known to Law Enforcement" as published in Crime in the United States. See Methodology for more information about these extracts. 


Date Created: May 26, 2021