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January 2024 Month In Review

In January, BJS released the 2023 Year in Review and a message from BJS Acting Director Kevin M. Scott, PhD.

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A new study assesses the feasibility of collecting data on maternal health and pregnancy outcomes 

BJS released Data on Maternal Health and Pregnancy Outcomes from Prisons and Jails: Results from a Feasibility Study. This feasibility study examines the availability and quality of data, the respondent burden, and the challenges of collecting data on the health and health care of pregnant women in custody at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels. BJS will use the findings of this study to help determine the best strategies for implementing national data collections in correctional settings. BJS undertook the study in response to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations Report 116-455.

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New report features statistics on officers employed by primary state law enforcement agencies 

Primary State Law Enforcement Agencies: Personnel, 2020 describes the number and demographics of full-time sworn officers employed by primary state law enforcement agencies. It provides details on job responsibilities, COVID-19 policies, and budgets of primary state law enforcement agencies. These agencies operate at the state level and may patrol highways, conduct statewide investigations, and assist local and county police agencies with matters extending beyond their jurisdictions. They also provide primary coverage in areas with no local or county police services. Findings in this report are from BJS’s Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics survey.

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New report describes cases processed by the federal criminal justice system 

BJS has released Federal Justice Statistics, 2022. The report provides national statistics on the federal response to crime for fiscal year 2022 and some trend statistics. It also describes case processing in the federal criminal justice system, including investigations by U.S. attorneys, prosecutions and declinations, convictions and acquittals, sentencing, probation and supervised release, and imprisonment. This report is the 36th in an annual series based on data from BJS’s Federal Justice Statistics Program.

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Brief web report provides statistics on identity theft of persons notified of a data breach 

This Just the Stats report presents details on persons age 16 or older in 2021 who were notified that an entity with their personal information sustained a data breach. It also examines whether these individuals experienced identity theft and the type of theft. Findings are from the 2021 Identity Theft Supplement to the National Crime Victimization Survey.

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Brief web report details trends in the federal pretrial release process during COVID-19 

This Just the Stats report provides data on the numbers of suspects arrested, defendants charged, and initial hearings held from October 2018 to September 2021. It also presents findings on the number and percent of persons released at initial hearings during the same time frame.

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Access the latest data from the 2018 Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies 

The Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies  2018 dataset is now available through the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data. It provides comprehensive data on tribal agencies across the United States including tribally operated agencies, Bureau of Indian Affairs police, and the Alaska Village Public Safety Officers program. These data provide detailed insights into tribal law enforcement infrastructure, crime trends, and resource allocation.  

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Now available: Census of Publicly Funded Forensic Crime Laboratories, 2020 dataset 

BJS has released the 2020 dataset from the Census of Publicly Funded Forensic Crime Laboratories (CPFFCL) series through the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data. The CPFFCL includes all state, county, municipal, and federal crime labs that are solely funded by the government or whose parent organization is a government agency and employs at least one full-time natural scientist. BJS supports data collection on the organization, functions, budget, staffing, workload, and performance expectations of the nation's publicly funded federal, state, and local forensic crime laboratories.  

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Access the 1978–2022 National Prisoner Statistics dataset 

BJS has released the National Prisoner Statistics, 1978–2022 dataset through the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data. It includes data on the number and characteristics of persons confined in state and federal prison facilities and aggregate data on the race and sex of prisoners, persons held in private facilities and local jails, system capacity, non-U.S. citizens, and persons age 17 or younger.

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Public comments requested on the Firearm Inquiry Statistics Program 

BJS encourages comments for 60 days on the extension of the Firearm Inquiry Statistics (FIST) Program, a previously approved data collection. This survey collects information from state and local checking agencies responsible for maintaining records on the number of background checks for firearm transfers or permits issued, processed, tracked, or conducted during the calendar year.

Submit your comments to the Office of Management and Budget through the Federal Register by March 18, 2024.

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New Planning, Management, and Budget Unit Chief Myisha Wallace  

BJS is pleased to announce Myisha Wallace as the new chief of its Planning, Management, and Budget Unit. Myisha is a DC native with more than 25 years of federal service. She has a long-demonstrated commitment to the Department of Justice, having come to BJS from the Executive Office for Immigration Review and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, where she started her federal career as a student intern... 

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Watch BJS Acting Director Kevin M. Scott, PhD, discuss highlights from 2023 and previews of 2024 


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  • 2024 SEARCH Membership Winter Meeting
  • Greece Office of the Collection and Processing of Judicial Statistics 
  • Access to Justice in Federal Agencies Workshop
  • 2024 American Correctional Association Winter Conference
Date Published: February 7, 2024