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West Virginia Criminal Justice Directory 1993-1995

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Date Published
February 1996
This directory lists names, addresses, telephone numbers, and fax numbers of the criminal justice agencies in West Virginia, based on data gathered in the fall and spring of 1992- 93.

The directory lists Federal criminal justice agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Prisons, and U.S. Attorneys; West Virginia State criminal justice agencies; and criminal justice departments in colleges and universities in the State. Law enforcement agencies listed include college and university campus security agencies, chiefs of police, county sheriffs, the Division of Natural Resources conservation officers, the West Virginia Division of Forestry Rangers, and the West Virginia State Police. Court agencies listed include the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, the West Virginia Circuit Courts and Magistrate Courts, Mental Hygiene Commission Officers, County prosecuting attorneys, and judicial probation officers. The list of corrections agencies includes West Virginia Corrections and individual institutions, as well as Corrections Parole Officers.

Date Published: February 16, 1996