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Per-Unit and Per-Transaction Expenditures in the Montana Criminal Justice System

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June 1993
Data on expenditures for specific criminal justice activities, agencies, and workloads in Montana were collected to estimate average costs for different components of the criminal justice system.

Two measures were used to estimate the average per unit expenditure for individual transactions associated with offender processing. The first measure was a weighted average, where total expenditures were divided by the total workload measure. The second measure was the mean, or each individual unit of government's per workload measure. Weighted average and mean data are provided for each measure of per unit expenditure for law enforcement, court activities, county jails, prisons, and probation. These data are then combined to calculate combined expenditures required to process an offender through Montana's criminal justice system. Supporting expenditure data are tabulated in an appendix. 8 references, 25 tables, and 30 figures

Date Published: June 1, 1993