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System Development Guidelines - An ICAP (Integrated Criminal Apprehension Program) Manual

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Date Published
June 1981
This manual provides detailed, step-by-step guidelines for developing the integrated criminal apprehension program (ICAP) system, and can be used for any criminal justice information system based on the collection and analysis of information for an integrated approach to management.

Although geared toward automated systems, the methodology is equally applicable to nonautomated operations. The manual provides basic information about all aspects of system development, using examples particularly relevant to police. The manual stresses the necessity of careful planning of time, budget, and personnel requirements. Using nontechnical language, the manual details the conceptual phases involved in establishing any law enforcement information system. The six phases of system development are project planning, system investigation and analysis, system design, procurement, system development, and system implementation and evaluation. Systems personnel assigned to design and develop the information system are given practical techniques and procedures for implementing the concepts. Checklists and sample data collection forms are presented to aid the system analysis and design processes. The manual's 12 appendixes constitute its technical reference section and are designed for use during the system development phases. Technical guidelines such as security and privacy standards are provided, along with sample documents used as models during the contract process. The manual also contains a glossary and a list of 23 references. (Author summary modified)

Date Published: June 1, 1981