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State of Crime and Criminal Justice in Ohio

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April 1987
These tables, figures, and narrative analyses present a statistical overview of attitudes toward crime, the nature and extent of crime, the characteristics of offenders, and the criminal justice response to crime in Ohio.

Explanations also cover the role of the police, prosecution, the courts, the prison system, and the juvenile justice system. The data show that the incidence of crime in Ohio has been level or declining during the past decade. In addition, the number and percentages of prisoner paroles have significantly decreased. Moreover, 70 percent of all persons charged with serious crimes in the courts are convicted, and most of these go to jail or crime. Compensation is available for victims of these crimes. Citizen attitude surveys show that few Ohio residents have an accurate view of crime occurrence in the State. Citizens often have contradictory attitudes regarding criminal justice as well. The surveys indicate the need for caution in rapidly translating public attitudes into public policies. Figures, tables, maps, chapter reference lists, and a list of other research publications from the same unit.

Date Published: April 1, 1987