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Standardized Crime Reporting System, Volume 3, Information for Decision-Making - A Guide to the Utilization of SCRS Data

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Date Published
March 1980
This guide to the use of a standardized crime reporting system (SCRS) data demonstrates potential crime information applications by showing how SCRS data elements can be used for crime-related reports.

Following a brief introduction, information on the contents and use of the SCRS guide and on a systematic approach for reviewing and establishing data utilization programs is presented. Such an approach includes reviewing the goals and objectives of the information program, determining the best way of monitoring the attainment of these goals and objectives, reviewing current reports, evaluating the department report control program, and identifying output reporting deficiencies. Descriptions and sample formats for output reports which can be generated from the SCRS data elements are provided. Each sample format contains the following information: report title, suggested frequency of report production, SCRS data elements used, report user group by function, report application by user group, and report generation process. Three tools for understanding and using the guide precede the output report description, including the data utilization model depicting the interrelationships of information development flow and use. The remaining tools are a table identifying each report in the guide with a statement of report use, and a glossary of terms. Six types of output reports are covered. They are calls for service reports, crime analysis reports, arrest reports, immediate operations reports, consolidated state SCRS reports, and uniform crime reports. Appendixes include the 'monthly return of arson offenses known to law enforcement' and the data required to complete the report, SCRS data element utilization in table form, and recommended recipients of SCRS output reports. For additional volumes concerning SCRS, see NCJ 66961-3.

Date Published: March 1, 1980