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South Dakota Serious Crime Survey, 1985

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June 1986
Data from a questionnaire survey of 3,970 South Dakota residents over age 17 formed the basis of an analysis of victimization rates, victims' experiences with the criminal justice system, and public attitudes toward the criminal justice system.

Subjects received the questionnaires in November 1985. The analysis used the 2,676 completed questionnaires. The analysis focused on eight crimes: theft, burglary, robbery, motor vehicle theft, vandalism, assault with a weapon, assault with the body only, and sexual assault. A total of 18 percent of the subjects were crime victims during the previous 12 months. Property crimes and motor vehicle theft accounted for 85.2 percent of the crimes. The 481 victims experienced 1,164 criminal acts. Just under half the crimes were reported to the police. Victims of violent crimes reported more emotional problems following the experience than did victims of nonviolent crimes. A total of 61.8 percent of violent crime victims were not physically injured as the result of the most recent crime. Crime victims were more likely than nonvictims to believe that crime had increased in their communities. Citizens had more favorable attitudes toward law enforcement than more favorable attitudes toward law enforcement than toward the courts or corrections in the State. Tables, figures, appendixes giving study methods and additional results, and 33 references.

Date Published: June 1, 1986