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Responding to Hate Crime and Bias Incidents: An Institutional Checklist

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Date Published
June 1992
This document contains information to be used by academic institutions to assess their readiness and ability to respond to hate crime reports and bias incidents.

It presents a checklist of issues that should be examined when considering an institution's response to hate crimes and bias incidents. The first section presents reasons for assessing an institution's response to such incidents. Assessment is required because of the complexity, intensity, and significance of hate crime and the difficulty many institutions have in responding to it. The remainder of the document provides a checklist for the assessment. Questions in the first part of the assessment focus on the response of the campus police. The responding officer must quickly evaluate what has happened and take any required action to stabilize the situation and preserve evidence of bias motivation. Assessment questions on training consider knowledge objectives, attitude objectives, and behavioral objectives. Assessment of institutional policies considers criteria for identifying a hate or bias incident, the handling of ambiguous cases, charges of police bias, and group and individual hate crime.

Date Published: June 20, 1992