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Rape in Arkansas 1996

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July 1997
There were 1,041 rapes and attempted rapes in Arkansas were reported through the Uniform Crime Reporting Program in 1996; of these, 949 were rapes and 92 were attempted rapes reported by law enforcement agencies.

The 1,041 rapes and attempted rapes represented a 13 percent increase over 1995, a slight decrease from 1991, and a 50 percent increase over 1986. In 1996, more rapes occurred in June than in any other month. Between 1986 and 1995, the 10-year average was highest for July and August. Almost two-thirds of victims were white. White victims increased by 17 percent in 1996 compared to 1995, while black victims increased by 6 percent. The age distribution for victims remained relatively constant between 1991 and 1996; 48 percent were younger than 18 years of age and 71 percent were younger than 25 years of age. The most rapes involved victims in the 14-17 age range. Approximately 75 percent of rapes were committed by persons known to the victim. Where the offender was known to the victim, 35 percent of rapes involved a family member. Where the offender was a family member, 62 victims were younger than 10 years of age and 112 victims were 14 years of age or younger. In 1996, 40 percent of rapes occurred in the victim's residence. Where time lapse was known, 41 percent were reported to law enforcement agencies within 4 hours of the offense. The number of white offenders increased by 16 percent between 1995 and 1996, while the number of black offenders increased by 4 percent. Of the 949 rape victims, 617 (59 percent) received medical attention. The numbers on rapes and attempted rapes are broken down by county. 16 tables and 3 figures

Date Published: July 1, 1997