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National Crime Surveys - Redesign Data, 1975-1979

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December 1986
This book describes the files, including variable coding information, for the National Crime Surveys Redesign Project.

The purpose of the data collection was to create several different data files from existing public-use National Crime Surveys (NCS) files. For each crime, information is collected on the victim's housing unit and household as well as the incident itself. A personal history and interview are also included. The full hierarchical longitudinal file is a five-level OSIRIS.IV file that contains all regular NCS interview information collected between January of 1975 through June of 1979. The book describes each hierarchical level for this file and presents variable coding information. The reference period research file has a structure similar to the full hierarchical longitudinal file. It was created by pulling records from the full longitudinal file for those persons who participated in the reference period research experiment. Hierarchical levels and variables are described. The incident level longitudinal file, a rectangular version of the hierarchical longitudinal file, contains a record for every incident in the file. Variable information is provided. Producing the series of papers on the divergence of the NCS and the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) trends required the creation of two sets of files that included both NCS and UCR data. These files are described.

Date Published: December 13, 1986