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Impact of Career Criminals on Florida's Criminal Justice System

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March 1988
The Florida Statistical Analysis Center developed a methodology to identify and profile active recidivists in the State through a computer analysis of the computerized criminal history file, the wanted persons file, and a department of corrections file.

The study defines career criminals as active recidivists meeting the following criteria: having five or more felony arrest events, one or more of which was part of an Index crime arrest; one or more arrest events must have occurred since January 1985; having a minimum of two State prison terms; and being 40 years or younger. This interim report presents statistical data compiled in three areas. A descriptive analysis delineates State total, average, relative, and scalar number of charges by crime type and age and felony and other arrests over time by age and year. A judicial circuit analysis presents data on career criminals by circuit; by county; and per 1,000 population by county. Finally, a pilot career criminal analysis in two counties profiles career criminals and their impact. Additional data are provided in three appendixes. Extensive tables and 43 references.

Date Published: March 1, 1988