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Households Touched by Crime, 1988

NCJ Number
Michael R. Rand, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Date Published
June 1989
Households-touched-by-crime estimates for 1988 are derived from National Crime Survey statistics on rape, personal robbery, assault, household burglary, personal and household theft, and motor vehicle theft.

A "household" refers both to a dwelling unit and to the people who live in it. Five percent of the Nation's households had a member age 12 or older victimized by a violent crime during 1988, and the same percentage experienced at least one burglary during the year; 17 percent had a completed or attempted theft. Overall, 25 percent of the 93 million households in the United States were touched by a crime of violence or theft in 1988, the same proportion touched by crime during each of the 3 previous years. During 1988, 27 percent of households with incomes of $25,000 or more, 29 percent of black households, and 30 percent of urban households were touched by crime. Hispanic households continued to be more vulnerable to crime than non-Hispanic households, and the West continued to have the highest proportion of households touched by crime (30 percent); the Northeast had the lowest (19 percent). Twenty-five percent of households in the Midwest, and 24 percent of households in the South were touched by crime in 1988. 4 tables, 3 figures.

Date Published: June 1, 1989