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History of Crimes and Arrests - State of Washington, 1971 to 1982

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August 1983
Although the total volume of crimes has increased virtually continuously in Washington between 1971 and 1982, the crime rate among males aged 18 to 39 has not increased.

This age group is the population which is at risk for Part I crimes, particularly violent crimes. Thus, increases in many crimes have resulted from population increases. Total burglaries have increased, but the burglary rate peaked in 1974. However, the aggravated assault rate in 1982 was about 1.6 times the rate in 1971. Similarly, the rate of rapes increased steadily until 1981. Even after 2 years of decline, in 1982 it was double the 1971 rate. Although improved police procedures, rape relief projects, and more publicity about the severity of this crime may have improved reporting of rape, it is probably a mistake to attribute all of the increased rate solely to an increase in reporting. Extensive figures and data tables based on Uniform Crime Reports and State and Federal census records are provided. Appendixes discuss the study methodology. A bibliography lists six references.

Date Published: August 1, 1983