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Directory of Automated Criminal Justice Information Systems 1993, Volume I: Law Enforcement

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Date Published
September 1993
This directory provides information on particular police information management systems and the level of automation among law enforcement agencies.

Part I, agency description records, provides the name, address, and telephone number of the agency, the name and title of a contact person, the type of agency, the size of the population served, the total number of personnel, the number of service requests processed annually, and the number of data processing employees. Also provided are information on the agency's computer hardware, general functions within the agency that are automated, and the name and acronym of any criminal justice or law enforcement- specific software application currently used by the agency. Part II, system description records, lists the product name and acronym as well as the developer's name, address, telephone number, and the name and title of a contact person. The record indicates whether the product is proprietary or in the public domain, whether the software can be modified, and whether the source code is available. It also identifies the programming language in which the system is written, types of local area networks on which it runs, the vendor support services, and the product features. Other system information is provided on computer hardware configurations, automated functions, a vendor description of the system, pricing information, and three agencies that have the product. Part III, agency indices, contains five types of agency indices that enable readers to search the directory records quickly. Part IV, system indices, contains five types of system indices that enable readers to search the directory quickly for information on automated systems. Appendixes contain a list of automated system functions included on the survey instrument, a sample agency survey, a sample software developer survey, and an update/correction notification form.

Date Published: September 1, 1993