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Data Inventory of Kentucky's Criminal Justice Agencies

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December 1985
Interview forms were used to collect data on statistical information data systems in 13 Kentucky criminal justice agencies that maintain offender and/or victim data at the State level.

Of the 13, 6 collect such data on an ongoing basis; 3 (the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Corrections Cabinet, and the Kentucky State Police) have computerized systems and were the primary source of data for the inventory. Results of the analysis indicate that agencies have unique definitions for data elements, the type and amount of data vary across agencies, and computer systems among agencies are not compatible. Almost no data duplication was found across agencies. Most agencies had both manual and computerized recordkeeping systems. Four agencies had most of their information computerized, and several agencies were preparing to improve their computer capabilities. A four-page grid provides information on contact persons for each agency studied, as well as the cost and time for delivery of data available from the agencies. Results suggest the need for greater compatibility among information systems, identical data element definition, proper security for data maintenance and retrieval, and improved cooperation and coordination among criminal justice agencies. Data inventory questionnaire and 1 reference.

Date Published: December 1, 1985