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Criminal Victimization in the United States: 1973-1990 Trends

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December 1992
Based on data collected through annual National Crime Victimization Surveys conducted between 1973 and 1990, this report summarizes trends in victimization rates for selected major crimes based on demographic characteristics of the victims and trends in victimizations that were reported to the police.

In viewing data collected over the entire reporting period, the Bureau of Justice Statistics points to 1981 as the peak year in terms of overall crime. However, rates for major crimes have tended to fluctuate from year to year. After a discussion of general trends, the report focuses on trends in personal crimes of violence including female rape, robbery, and assault. The second section explores trends in personal crimes of theft, while data on burglary, household larceny, and motor vehicle theft are used to examine trends in household crimes. The rate at which victims reported various types of crime to the police is also discussed. 2 appendixes

Date Published: December 17, 1992