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Criminal Justice Issues in the States, 1995 Directory, Volume XII

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September 1995
Focusing on efforts of the State Statistical Analysis Centers (SAC), this directory describes programs at the State level, research in progress, and publications produced in 1994.

The information is intended as a reference for criminal justice policymakers, practitioners, and researchers. It indicates, by jurisdiction, many of the justice-related issues and problems examined throughout the country during 1994 by the State Statistical Analysis Centers. A summary chart notes that nearly every SAC was involved in the issue of drugs; activities included data collection, treatment evaluation, and drug use forecasting. Sentencing, domestic assault, and juvenile delinquency dominated SAC activities in 1994. Sentencing and associated issues such as corrections, probation, and alternatives to incarceration were among the 11 most commonly addressed issues in the States. The directory summarizes each project with respect to its content, data sources, date of completion, and contact person. Index, list of publications, and addresses and other information about each SAC

Date Published: September 1, 1995