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Crime and Arrests 1988

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August 1989
This Wisconsin Uniform Crime Reports based on monthly crime and arrest reports submitted by more than 280 law enforcement agencies throughout Wisconsin covers 1987 and 1988 crime and arrests in the State.

Table 1 shows that reported index offenses have decreased by 3.5 percent from 1987. Although reported violent offenses have decreased by 13 percent from 1987, property offenses have decreased by only 2.9 percent. The overall decrease in violent offenses is due to decreases in murder, forcible rape, and particularly aggravated assault. The overall decrease in reported property crimes from 1987 to 1988 is due to substantial declines in reported burglary and theft; however, reported motor vehicle theft and arson increased during 1988. Three tables compare statewide arrests in 1987 and 1988. Adult arrests for total index offenses decreased by 2.0 percent, and juvenile arrests for total index offenses decreased by 1.4 percent. Juvenile arrests composed 27.4 percent of all arrests for 1988, but they comprised 43.4 percent of arrests for index offenses. Two maps show rates of violent and property crime in each Wisconsin county for 1988. Ten-year trends in offenses, offense rates, clearances, and arrest ratios are presented followed by data on police officers killed and assaulted.

Date Published: August 1, 1989