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Court Case Management Information Systems Manual

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Date Published
January 1983
This report is designed to provide a usable framework for deciding what case-related information is essential for efficient local court management, while satisfying the information needs of State-level managers and researchers.

A framework for understanding, building, and improving a court case management information system discusses the general management concept of systems, applies this concept to the court environment, and notes the possible management uses of case-related statistics within State administrative offices and in the local trial and appellate courts. An extrapolation of those varied management uses presents a defined set of information requirements that can support all the necessary case-related reports for each court level and for State administrative offices. A general discussion of how a court implements an effective caseflow management information system and the constraints put on the court manager suggests several ways of overcoming the unavoidable obstacles that occur whenever organizational change takes place. Five chapters illustrate several sets of model data elements, collection forms, and management reports for use by the court manager. A general perspective is presented on the relationship of workload analysis and measurement to case management and long-term planning. Supplementary materials include a computerized information system survey instrument and data analysis, a chart of events for case processing in trial courts, ABA standards relating to trial and appellate courts, and examples of output reports to illustrate previous chapters. Footnotes, figures, and about 85 references are provided.

Date Published: January 1, 1983