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FY 2023 National Corrections Reporting Program/National Prisoner Statistics Program, 2020-2024

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OJP is committed to advancing work that promotes civil rights and racial equity, increases access to justice, supports crime victims and individuals impacted by the justice system, strengthens community safety and protects the public from crime and evolving threats, and builds trust between law enforcement and the community. This supplement will fund the final two years of the 5 year award for collection of National Corrections Reporting Program (NCRP) and National Prisoner Statistics Program (NPS) data. The awardee will collect, process, and deliver to BJS the NCRP and NPS datasets for calendar years 2023 and 2024. The awardee will also engage in the fielding of a supplemental NPS survey instrument dealing with maternal health and healthcare in state and federal prisons.
Date Created: May 3, 2023