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National Crime Victimization Survey Instrument Redesign and Testing Project (NCVSIRTP)

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The project is to support BJS's evaluation and redesign of the NCVS screening and incident classification instruments. Funds from this award will be used for carrying forth the findings from the project so far to: 1) conduct field test of revised NCVS data collection instruments with a larger sample than originally planned to support the revised experimental design; 2) continue to support the Technical Review Panel (TRP) meetings; 3) produce final report providing results of field test based on the revised data collection package, identifying impact of instrument changes on national estimates, and providing recommendations maintaining series continuity, if changes affect rates; and 4) produce final NCVS instruments and make recommendations for full-scale implementation of revised NCVS instruments.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $9,998,604

Date Created: June 10, 2019