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Continuation of the National Crime Statistics Exchange (NCS-X): Technical Assistance and Implementation Support Services

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Description of original award (Fiscal Year 2019, $1,500,000)

In June of 2017, BJS published a competitive solicitation seeking applications to find an organization to serve as the NCS-X Implementation Team and provide implementation and technical assistance support services to NCS-X grantees, sample agencies, state UCR Programs, and other NCS-X stakeholders. The NCS-X is a partnership between BJS and FBI CJIS to expand NIBRS to support the production of nationally representative incident-based crime statistics as a strategic first step toward a full transition to NIBRS-only crime reporting. At the outset of the project, BJS and FBI CJIS signed a joint statement of support for NCS-X. NCS-X aims to enroll a sample of 400 scientifically selected LE agencies to submit data to NIBRS. When data from these 400 new NIBRS-reporting agencies are combined with data from the more than 6,600 agencies that currently report to NIBRS, the nation will have a nationally representative sample of incident-based crime data drawn from the operational records management systems (RMS) of local police departments. In collaboration with BJS and FBI CJIS staff, under the current FY2017 award RTI and their subcontractors have provided services across six primary program components: 1) NCS-X project management, 2) NCS-X program recruitment, 3) Technical and implementation assistance to NCS-X agencies, 4)NCS-X program development, 5) Marketing and outreach, and 6) Analytic support and reporting. This initial award was supplemented in 2018 in the amount of $3,500,000.

This supplemental award in the amount of $1,500,000 will support an expansion of two tasks funded under 2017-BJ-CX-K054 (1) to provide targeted technical assistance and NIBRS implementation support to six states that are receiving FY19 NCS-X implementation support funding, and to continue providing technical assistance and implementation support for existing grantees who have extended their project periods (2) to support an expansion of BJS efforts to produce NIBRS analytics products and to modernize the dissemination of NIBRS analytic and statistical products.

Supplemental funding is requested to complete the following tasks:

1. Provide continued analytic support to support the production and dissemination of additional NIBRS statistical reports and bulletins.
2. Provide data science services to complete the development and deployment of the BJS online interactive statistical report platform, an effort to modernize the dissemination of NIBRS statistical reports on select topics by providing users with a platform to explore the data through interactive data visualizations. Additional costs include software procurement, and providing data updates, server hosting, and technical support services.
3.Continued analytics services to support in-depth data quality examinations of the NIBRS data. These data qualities are essential to support BJS’ use of law enforcement data for statistical purposes,
4.Continued assistance in administering the Joint Statistical Analysis Program (JSAP) partnership between BJS and SACs located in states certified to report NIBRS data to the FBI,
5. Enhanced data science services to support the development and deployment of the BJS online NIBRS data analysis dashboard.
6. Funding for additional project management, technical assistance, implementation services, and project management tasks for six new FY19 state NCS-X grantees.


Date Created: September 16, 2019