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National Pretrial Reporting Program (NPRP)

National Pretrial Reporting Program

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The National Pretrial Reporting Program (NPRP, renamed State Court Processing Statistics) series compiles information on criminal justice processing of persons charged with felony offenses in state courts, with particular attention to pretrial release and detention. NPRP was historically collected prospectively, following case filings for twenty-four (homicides) or twelve months (all other cases). Data were collected from courts and criminal justice agencies in 40 of the...

State Court Processing Statistics (SCPS)

Formerly National Pretrial Reporting Program (through 1994), SCPS provided data on the criminal justice processing of persons charged with felonies in 40 jurisdictions representative of the 75 largest counties. These counties accounted for nearly half of the serious crime nationwide. The program prospectively tracked felony defendants from charging by the prosecutor until disposition of their cases (a maximum of 12 months for nonmurder cases and...