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National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)

Subnational Estimates Program

The NCVS was originally designed to provide national-level estimates of criminal victimization. Since its inception in 1973, BJS has recognized the need for victimization data at the state and/or local levels.

Financial fraud

In the National Crime Victimization Survey's Supplemental Fraud Survey, financial fraud is defined as acts that “intentionally and knowingly deceive the victim by misrepresenting, concealing, or omitting facts about promised goods, services, or other benefits and consequences that are nonexistent, unnecessary, never intended to be provided, or deliberately distorted for the purpose of monetary gain.” (See Stanford Center on Longevity. (2015). Framework for a taxonomy of fraud. https://longevity.stanford.edu/framework-for-a-taxonomy-of-fraud/)

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National Victimization Statistical Support Program 2020

Closing Date
Project Description: (18,000 characters max) The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) is seeking an agent to support the continuation of the National Victimization Statistical Support Program (NVSSP). The NVSSP is designed as a flexible vehicle for providing scientific and technical support for statistical and methodological research, statistical analyses, documentation, and dissemination related to BJS work on crime and victimization. This vehicle is critical to provide methodological and statistical expertise that complements and supplements the current BJS staffing structure.