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Messages from the BJS Director

Date Created: December 19, 2022

BJS Director Introductory Message 

Listen as Director Alexis R. Piquero, PhD, describes his background, his vision for BJS, and his commitment to using data to inform criminal justice policy and practice. “I have long been a champion of using data and science to guide policy and improve decision-making. The importance of data — more and better — to help achieve the goals of social justice and public safety is something I have long believed in and practiced. Now, more than ever, the need is great for timely, accurate, relevant, and easy to understand data on crime and justice issues,” says Director Piquero.


BJS Director 2022 End of Year Message

Listen as Director Alexis R. Piquero, PhD, provides 2022 end-of-year remarks. 

“It has been an exciting four months since I had the honor of being appointed by President Biden to serve as the director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Not a day has gone by that I have not enjoyed every minute of it. Why you may ask?..." Watch below.