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World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems: New Zealand

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Date Published
June 1993
This document presents information on the criminal justice system of New Zealand.

As part of a general overview of New Zealand's criminal justice system, the article examines the history of the system and also briefly discusses the country's political and legal systems. The report is divided into the following sections: (1) Crime (classification, statistics on murder, rape, burglary, serious drug offenses and crime regions); (2) Victims (groups most victimized by crime, victims' assistance agencies, victims' role in prosecution and sentencing, victims' rights legislation); (3) Police (administration, resources, technology, training and qualifications, discretion, accountability); (4) Prosecutorial and judicial process (rights of the accused, procedures); (5) Judicial system (administration, special courts, judges); (6) Penalties and sentencing (sentencing process, types of penalties); (7) Prisons (description, administration, conditions); and (8) Extradition and treaties. Subject areas for which information was not obtained are so noted. Sources

Date Published: June 1, 1993