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World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems: Canada

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Date Published
June 1993
This document presents information on the criminal justice system of Canada.

As part of a general overview of Canada's criminal justice system, the article examines the history of the system and also briefly discusses the country¦s political and legal systems. The report is divided into the following sections: (1) Crime (classification of crime, statistics on murder, rape, theft, serious drug offenses and crime regions); (2) Victims (groups most victimized by crime, victims¦ assistance agencies, role of victims in prosecution and sentencing, victims' rights legislation); (3) Police (administration, resources, technology, training and qualifications, discretion, accountability); (4) Prosecutorial and judicial process (rights of the accused, procedures); (5) Judicial system (administration, judges, special courts); (6) Penalties and sentencing (sentencing process, types of penalties); (7) Prison (description, administration, conditions); and (8) Extradition and treaties. Subject areas for which information was not obtained are so noted. Sources

Date Published: June 1, 1993