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Technical Appendix: Report to the Nation on Crime and Justice

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Date Published
July 1988
This technical appendix to the "Report to the Nation on Crime and Justice," second edition provides source information and supplementary data.

The information is categorized by chapters of the main report. These chapters cover the criminal event, the victim, the offender, the response to crime, and the cost of justice. The full-report page number to which the appended information applies is listed. For the criminal event, the appendix lists data sources for specific types of information on various offenses. Data from some of the listed sources are provided. Source and data information on crime victims covers the extent of the fear of crime, how crime affects its victims, the risk of victimization, homicide victim characteristics, how people protect themselves from crime, and the relationship between victim and offender. Victim information also covers crime reporting and the availability of victim compensation. Appendix information on the response to crime consists of sections that cover entry into the criminal justice system, prosecution and pretrial services, adjudication, sentencing and sanctions, and corrections. Supplementary information on the cost of justice addresses crime costs, criminal justice costs, patterns of justice financing, privatization trends, justice spending trends, factors related to per capita spending, and what justice dollars buy.

Date Published: July 1, 1988