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Survey on Criminal Justice Statistical Information Needs, 1983

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February 1985
A survey of government agencies and educational institutions in Puerto Rico was conducted by the Statistical Analysis Center to determine what types of criminal statistical information and reports would be useful to potential users.

Of 42 agencies surveyed, 53 percent were acquainted with the Criminal Justice Information System and the Statistical Analysis Center. Respondents indicated the following topics to be of interest: offender social characteristics, female criminality, sexual offender profiles and recidivism, synopses of court studies, crimes and drunkenness, drug seizures and arrests, statistical information, studies of handicapped inmates, child prostitution and pornography, and physical aggression against women. It is recommended that agencies cooperate to establish a data bank, and that an information directory of statistics prepared by criminal justice agencies be produced. An informative bulletin detailing the history, functions, users, and information request procedures of the Criminal Justice Information System and the Statistical Analysis Center also is included.

Date Published: February 13, 1985