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Strengthening Kentucky's Capacity to Produce Criminal Justice Statistical Information - A Needs-Use Assessment

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December 1985
This 1985 statewide survey examined the need for and use of criminal justice statistical information, the capacity of agencies to produce and diffuse such information, and attitudes toward a Kentucky Criminal Justice Statistical Analysis Center (SAC).

Questionnaires were mailed to 1,419 decisionmakers who dealt with criminal justice issues. The sample included police chiefs, court personnel, corrections managers, prosecutors, juvenile service providers, social support supervisors, and legislators. A large majority of respondents reported that statistical information was very or fairly important both for agency and personal use, particularly in the areas of policy and program evaluation and projection studies. Most had used some type of criminal justice statistical information during the past year. Data on crime, defendants, and offenders were most frequently used, followed by statistics concerning legislative affairs, citizens and victims, and personnel and management. Few agencies had internal research units, and about half of the respondents indicated that available research support was inadequate to their needs. University research services were used by 35 percent of respondents. Over 80 percent of law enforcement, corrections, and juvenile justice respondents expressed interest in building a research capacity by working with the SAC. Overall, results suggest that a large number of the State's criminal justice decisionmakers desire and would support a funding agenda for producing and disseminating criminal justice statistics. Tables, sample questionnaire, and 4 references.

Date Published: December 1, 1985