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State Court Organization 1980

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May 1982
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This reference document provides court organization, jurisdiction, personnel, and other management information.

It was prepared by the National Court Statistics Project (NCSP) of the National Center for State Courts, under the close supervision of the NCSP Committee of the Conference of State Court Administrators. The report is a successor to the 'National Survey of Court Organization,' first conducted by the Bureau of the Census in late 1971 as a preliminary step to establishing a national program for court statistics. This report describes many interrelated facets of judicial organizations. Although much of the information contained in this document may be available from other sources, this report assembles divergent materials on courts in a single reference document. This reference document is divided into two sections: a statistical summary table section and narrative profiles. The approximately 40 tables in the statistical and descriptive section contain data on numbers of judges at all levels of State courts, judicial selection and discipline, juror selection and usage, court jurisdiction, and State-level court administrative offices summarized for each jurisdiction. The second section contains narrative descriptions of the court system in all 50 States and 5 other jurisdictions (American Samoa, District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands). Each narrative profile contains information on the courts of last resort, intermediate appellate courts, courts of general jurisdiction, courts of limited or special jurisdiction, court administrative offices, quasi-judicial officers, and judicial disciplinary procedures within the State. The structural organization of the court system and administrative office within each State is illustrated. Appendixes include a glossary of terms used, listings of sources used to compile the document, a listing of sources containing supplemental information, and the addresses of all State court administrative offices. (Author abstract modified)

Date Published: May 1, 1982