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State of Arkansas Annual Crime Summary, 1992

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March 1993
In 1991, the incidence of index crime in Arkansas decreased by 7 percent compared to the previous year; this was the first annual decrease since 1984.

Violent crimes fell by 2 percent, while property crimes decreased by about 8 percent. Aggravated assault was the only index crime that remained the same in 1992; the largest decline was burglary, while there were significant reductions also in rape, robbery, and theft. The total number of Statewide arrests rose 3 percent from 1991. Arrests of juveniles increased 2 percent and drug-related arrests increased 14 percent; arrests for driving under the influence fell slightly, for the first decline since 1988. In 1992, 386 police officers were assaulted while on duty; about two-thirds of the assaults resulted in injury to the officer. The total value of stolen property in all index offenses was $94 million; with the exception of motor vehicle offenses, the value of stolen property fell for all index offenses.

Date Published: March 25, 1993