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State and Local Police Departments, 1990

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February 1992
Data from State and local police agencies that make up more than 60 percent of those taking part in the Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics program were gathered to profile the 1990 expenditures, functions, personnel, salaries, training and educational requirements, computerization, programs, and policies of police agencies nationally.

Findings revealed that local police departments had operating expenditures of $20.6 billion and employed 460,000 persons full-time, of whom about 79 percent were sworn officers. The 49 primary State police departments had operating expenditures of $3.7 billion and employed 77,000 persons full time. Most local police departments were small, with about half employing fewer than 10 sworn officers. About 6 percent of local police departments and 18 percent of State police agencies required police recruits to have at least some college education. Starting salaries ranged from $19,000 to $26,600 in local police agencies and averaged about $22,800 in State police agencies. Body armor was required in about 24 percent of local and 12 percent of State agencies. Tables and list of other BJS reports

Date Published: February 1, 1992