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Standardized Crime Reporting System's Exemplary SCRS Model Phase 4 - Final Report

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April 1981
Results are presented from an effort to disseminate and transfer the Standardized Crime Reporting System (SCRS), a project intended to improve criminal justice information and statistics through the development and implementation of standardized methods for managing crime event data.

The dissemination and transfer of SCRS are aimed at facilitating the expansion of SCRS into a broader range of law enforcement agencies. This effort involves (1) the provision of technical assistance to selected law enforcement agencies desiring to implement SCRS, (2) assistance in expanding the awareness of the law enforcement community about SCRS through seminars and other marketing efforts, and (3) production of a final document containing exemplary SCRS implementations to serve as examples for duplication and comparison. The technical assistance efforts of the past year not only benefited the selected SCRS implementation sites, but provided role models for future builders and remodelers of crime reporting systems. Seminars and special presentations provided law enforcement representatives with instructions and written materials on the SCRS way of improving data gathering, processing, and use. An especially valuable marketing effort was the joining of SEARCH with State planning agencies to provide special 1-day SCRS presentations. Although no formal survey has been conducted to determine the extent to which SCRS has been adopted by the law enforcement community, SEARCH Group reports increasing interest and enthusiasm for SCRS by agencies throughout the country. Appended are various materials used in the dissemination and transfer effort, along with a descriptive methodology for documenting SCRS, a SCRS assessment model and application methodology, and a list of selected law enforcement agencies using SCRS.

Date Published: April 30, 1981